If you are a current advisor and would like to explore new ways in which to gain Independence, grow your practice, or maintain your practice with high quality and competitive support and resources, we invite you to consider joining Zephyr Investment Management. Our combination of contract, investment management, product offering, support, and commitment to career advisors creates one of the most lucrative packages available today.

At Zephyr Investment Management, our Financial Advisors truly enjoy the best of both worlds. They enjoy the benefits of partnering with an independent, fee-based Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm to remove the constraints and conflicts of interest which you may have at your current firm, while enjoying the support, back-office assistance, technology, and business building resources typically offered by large financial institutions.

When you partner with Zephyr Investment Management, you’ll be able to leverage our deep-rooted experience and expertise in investment management to your advantage, while at the same time enjoying reasonable investment management costs rather than the sometimes exorbitantly high costs many third-party money managers charge. You can better focus on what you do best: building and maintaining client relationships!

We offer a unique blend of a small, supportive office with the resources of a large broker/dealer, FSC Securities Corp. As part of this large network that has been in place for generations, you can more easily provide your clients with the personalized attention they want and deserve. FSC Securities offers cutting-edge technology, marketing, compensation packages, benefits, and advisor support services.

Please contact Cher Munoz for a confidential conversation: cmunoz@zephyrwm.com or 800-966-3579.