Our investment strategy is rooted in the idea that it is better to adapt toand capitalize onchanging conditions than drift in the tide of a rigid and restrictive buy-and-hold position. Built on the foundation of our proprietary Business Cycle Asset Managementprocess, this strategy is designed to take the emotion out of investing and successfully navigate the winds of change. Throughout the process, we apply steadfast diligence to help you achieve your financial goals, reduce stress when markets swing, stay focused on the long term, and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Business Cycle Asset Management

Seeking the right course, at the right time

When it comes to investing, each business cycle proceeds with stealth, moving from expansion to contraction seamlessly. Various economic activities of the cycle have their own momentum, and they have carried many investors along the changing tides from market euphoria to financial despair. Our proprietary Business Cycle Asset Managementis designed to capitalize on all stages of the investment business cycle and successfully navigate the winds of change.

As each business cycle evolves, it opens the door for informed and active portfolio managers to create greater opportunities for growth. By understanding these cyclical fluctuations, we can determine where we are in a given cycle and, from that knowledge, make informed investment decisions. The process includes allocating investments in a variety of asset classes that are deemed appropriate within the particular cycle. These asset classes may include stocks, bonds, cash, and other investment vehicles. The allocations are then adjusted methodically to stay with the curve.

Our strategy utilizes Economic Analysisand Technical Indicatorsto monitor and identify market and investment trends that may suggest the need for strategic change. By continually monitoring the level, direction and rate of change of a wide range of economic variables, we try to identify investment vehicles that may outperform or underperform in the market. From there, we invest with discipline, with the primary goal of preserving capital and building investment assets over the long haul.


Business Cycle Asset Management is based on the study of historical price movements and past trend patterns. While our goal is to consistently grow and protect each client’s asset portfolio, there is no assurance that these movements or trends can or will be duplicated in the near future, and historical precedent does not guarantee future results.