Passion for investing, respect for the client, and dedication to our work are the cornerstones of our business. We understand that becoming your trusted advisor requires an investment of our own. We take the time to learn who you are as a person, understand your personal values and aspirations, and gain a clear grasp of your specific time frames and risk tolerances. Over the years, we’ve seen that these answers are not always apparent or straightforward. Through one-on-one discussions and exploration, we help uncover your larger life goals, listening carefully and working with you to define and articulate your objectives. Once we understand your desires, we use rigorous analysis and our decades of experience to determine a plan of action and chart a course for the vision you see on your horizon.

Our process includes the following steps:

Analyze: We begin by creating your Financial Roadmap™ to help you gain clarity on your financial and retirement goals, and determine the best path forward to help you live your life with purpose. This personal analysis covers your dreams for the future, investment expectations, financial resources and goals, risk tolerances and time horizons, and your short- and long-term vision.Select: Based on your Financial Roadmap™, we select a portfolio that addresses your goals and concerns and establishes specific investment objectives ranging from growth, growth with income, or income needs. For our financial planning clients, we provide a prioritized action plan to address necessary changes or adjustments in your cash reserves, debt, investments, and risk management/insurance coverage.Invest: We review your investment strategy to be sure it is aligned with your Financial Roadmap™ and addresses your goals and objectives, and then make the initial investments of your assets.Apply: Using our disciplined Business Cycle Asset Management investment strategy, we actively manage your portfolio, monitoring economic cycles and indicators to address your long-term investment objectives.Adjust: We meet with you on a regular basis to balance your short- and long-term goals with changing market conditions, and adjust your portfolio as needed to help keep you on track, regardless of shift in the markets or other external forces. Throughout the process, we provide timely communication to keep you aware of the status of your account and any shift in strategy.

Please see Working Together for more detail on our commitment to client communication.