Achieving financial freedom requires each of us to formulate a vision, chart a course, develop a team, navigate through calm and storm, and find our way along the journey. To stay on course, a ship's captain must continually monitor his position by focusing on a fixed, objective reference point. Zephyr Investment Management was created to serve as your personal reference point, helping you to gain clarity on your current situation, adapt to changing conditions, and achieve your personal goals and objectives.

Our financial planning philosophy is to help you “live your life on purpose.” By being purposeful with every decision and actively charting the course of your life, rather than letting life’s meandering tides make decisions for you, you are more able to achieve your financial goals and support the life and lifestyle you desire.

Our investment philosophy provides the foundation for this effort with the belief that every dollar is earned and wealth is built over the long haul, not over night. And we believe growth must be balanced with preservation of capital through active, hands-on management. Through the years, we’ve seen that by focusing on mitigating losses, rather than seeking specific gains, we have increased the probability that our client portfolios benefit in the long run. Rather than the more common approach of adjusting accounts quarterly based on set risk tolerance levels, we have a strict sell discipline with the goal of keeping losses in the single digits. Our strength lies in our ability to utilize our specialized, proprietary investment process to help our clients confidently adapt to the winds of change.